Frankie vs The Rowdy Romans


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Frankie Vs The Rowdy Romans is the second in a series of books by English international footballer Frank Lampard.

The Story: Frankie and his team love playing football. There’s always time for a game. And now that they have their magical football they’re playing against teams they never imagined!  When Frankie’s football transports them to a Roman arena will his team be a roaring success or will the football battle be more than they bargained for?

A review: “This is a great little book for kids who want to move on from large format picture books. A mere 80 pages of largish text, accompanied by Mike Jackson’s fun illustrations, make this perfect for boys and girls who are just finding their feet when it comes to reading, and especially those who are football fans. I gave a copy to my nephew for his 5th birthday and I’m expecting to be asked to get him copies of the other books in the series as they are published. Incidentally, his mother (my sister) also agreed completely with me.” (Comments from

* A donation from every Frankie’s Magic Football book sold is made to the Nelson Falcons Youth Football team *

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